Outside of playing pitch or gin rummy with Ford. Ward Bond, or other close friends and taking out Miss Pallette, Wayne has few interests.

Despite his self-confessed incompetence as an actor. Wayne is as theatrically minded as the late John Barrymore. He workout routines a strict handle more than his scripts. Conscious of his rights as a star, he stands up for them constantly. Not extended ago, a director gave a larger share of a scene to a younger player. Wayne insisted the take be accomplished more than so it favored him. "Protecting that investment once again," a pal commented.

Thanks to the outstanding care Wayne has usually taken of his investment, his profession has had only one particular low period. This was shortly following "Stagecoach." Studios all over town were crying for his solutions, but his home lot, then Republic, regarded his recognition as a passing fad and once again cast him in low-budget Westerns. It was only when these cactus epics started cleaning up that the studio recognized Wayne's true possible. Two with the Republics he created, "The Quiet Man" and "Sands of Iwo Jima," will be the most significant box-office hits inside the studio's history .

One might suppose that after three decades Wayne's interest in films would be flagging. If anything, it really is stronger. He after told a pal in confidence that security was essentially the most essential factor in the world to him-financial safety, that is definitely. He constantly carries big sums of funds about with him. and he includes a horror of becoming broke.

No Retirement for Him Not too long ago, at dinner with some mates, the talk drifted for the future. A star's popularity can not final forever, Wayne opined, and he added that now that he had his personal company best omega replica sites , he may prefer to attempt directing a film.

"I've normally wanted to attempt that," he said, "and I'd like to get out of the saddle and out of uniform."

"Duke." 1 of his close friends stated, "why do not you simply retire"

Wayne's brow wrinkled in the ideal John Wayne manner. His answer removed any rumor that John Wayne, king of the box office, is pondering of abdicating or even slowing down. "Retire," he snorted. "Why, appears like I just got started."

"Look, Boys, I am an Investment"

During production, he won't go out an evening. The writers typically turn up at his spot to go over the job at hand. "Duke can spot holes inside a script quicker than most writers and directors replica omega watch .'" says writer James Edward Grant. Often Wayne warns his scripters to help keep the dialogue simple. Usually he throws out stilted speeches and substitutes pet phrases, including "Saddle up omega watches replica . guys. We'll . . ." and so forth panerai replica . In the event the writers complain. Wayne silences them. "Look, boys," he says, "I'm an investment. I got to safeguard that investment."

When not really involved in a scene around the set. Wayne still keeps busy talking to his enterprise manager or press agent or businessmen who have numerous propositions to offer him. Because of Bo Roos, his private manager, Wayne has produced a variety of shrewd investments. He owns part of a tennis club, a hotel in Culver City and 1 in Acapulco. a frozen meals locker, plus a fleet of shrimp boats out of Panama.

Wayne lends his name to comic books, dolls, cowboy suits, and other products for kids. He is specific about his endorsements. Unlike some stars, who will sign their names on any item for any fee, Wayne feels he ought to believe inside the product. He has smoked one particular brand of cigarettes for twenty years. Not too long ago another enterprise offered him double the fee to praise its brand. Wayne mentioned, "I could not do that-I never smoke your cigarettes."

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