In construction, the new house movie machine is surprisingly basic. To operate the phonograph-like disk containing the movie film, a mechanism like that in the modern cabinet phonograph is utilised. The miniature film is projected around the inside of your hinged cabinet cover.

One with the very first issues encountered was that of devising a small, compact disk that would hold the thousands of pictures needed for one reel of films. This, Jenkins accomplished within a truly ingenious way. First tag heuer watch replicas , the opening pictures of a reel had been pasted in order around the rim of a paper disk in regards to the size of a large disk record. Naturally, a single disk accommodated comparatively few images . So Jenkins arranged the succeeding pictures in the reel on other equivalent disks, which he placed in order beneath the initial 1.

By suggests of a radial slit, every single disk within the series slightly overlapped the 1 beneath it, to ensure that when the pile of disks was rotated, having a guide wheel operating amongst the layers of paper, the impact was to create a continuous spiral strip of paper and pictures. This arrangement, somewhat like a spiral spring, therefore made a continuous sequence of photos. Because the disks were run off, tag heuer knockoff watches the thumblike frame of your guide wheel bent back the applied disks so as to expose the succeeding images.

Then the problem was to provide a implies of projection, like an intermittent mechanism to create for the unaided eye the effect of 1 continuous moving picture around the screen. This, Jenkins was able to resolve through his expertise of prismatics. On every side on the image he desired to project, Jenkins placed a prism that caught the light and threw it around the image. From the picture the light passed upward via a lens to two oscillating mirrors breitling fake watches , which in turn projected it on the screen.

A user in the disk movie machine simply turns around the electric current that drives the tiny motor, places on the rotatable table his disk "record" that consists of the "reel" of the film, switches around the projector light, then sits back to love the show. The thumblike guide wheel arrangement follows down the spiral formed by the overlapping disks; the oscillating mirrors choose up the images thrown upward by the prism arrangement, as well as the moving pictures are projected in miniature. tag heuer imitation

Inventor Promises Disk Record Film Shows for the Dwelling (Apr, 1923)

Inventor Promises Disk Record Movie Shows for the Home

Film Projector Runs like a Speaking Machine WHAT Edison did with the talking machine; what Bell did together with the phone; what Ford did together with the automobile, C. Francis Jenkins, inventor, of Washington, D. C, now proposes to do using the movies.

By suggests of an ingenious prism projector apparatus, increasing out of his study of prismatics"a study by which, incidentally, Jenkins worked out the principle of radio transmission of photographs, to become described within the next problem of Well-known Science Monthly"the Washington inventor has perfected a "movie record" machine that, he declares, will place movies inside the dwelling, as well as the talking machine, the phone, and radio, and at a expense inside the typical man's pocket-book.

For some time leaders in the motion image market have believed that the greatest future use of movies would be inside the household. But to meet the specifications of this field, it was essential to devise a projecting machine as very easily managed as a speaking machine, with "records" just as uncomplicated in type. This, Jenkins believes he has accomplished. With his disk record apparatus he hopes to make offered to stay-at-homes the greatest motion image productions.

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