And as the Space Age Location continues to grow, with employment estimated inside the tens of thousands, consider what this could imply to Port Malabar's land values! Recall, as well, that Brevard County - exactly where Cape Canaveral and Port Malabar are located-has grown over 371 % in 10 years, and this is only the starting. Currently two significant electronic manufacturers headquarter in Port Malabar's separate Industrial Park, employing just about 2,000 individuals, and heading for further expansion.


As an investment for the future household - as a hedge against inflation - or for feasible sale later on - Port Malabar delivers you much more. Nowhere, we believe, fake watches patek philippe can you purchase such great land, so ideally situated, with such brilliant promise, for so small income - only $10 down patek philippe watch replicas , $15 a month - which includes 5% interest.


The most important aspects behind any land sales are the persons with whom you deal. What superior protection could you want than those of Basic Improvement Corporation-one of Florida's largest land owners - and also the Mackle Firm, the South's largest community planners and builders! Once they say something's so audemars piguet replika , you could depend on it.

How can you miss? Be a single with the first to personal prime Florida land ideal within the "path of progress" within the already established community of Port Malabar-only 32 miles south of Cape Canaveral. Do not delay and be sorry at the opportunity you missed. Act Now! Mail the coupon - get each of the facts-then determine how huge a "Piece of America" it is possible to afford at these rock bottom rates patek philippe watch fake .

CHOICE 80'x 125' HOMESITES $10 down$15 a month Sales Cost $1295

Another MACKLE-PLANNED Community by means of Common Development CORPORATION

BOX 34-1308

Please send me, without the need of price or obligation, my Personalized House Ownership Strategy for Port Malabar in the Cape Canaveral area.

Invest within the Dynamic Cape Canaveral Area (Nov, 1961)

Invest YOUR DOLLARS Exactly where AMERICA'S FUTURE IS INVESTED - the Dynamic Cape Canaveral Area

First Time Provided Nationally! Option House - In An Established Neighborhood - within the Nation's Fastest Growing County

"Cape Canaveral Selected As Web site for 'Moon Launchings'"! This exciting news , coupled with the Government's multi-billion dollar, long-term system for Space Study and Development, can only mean progress and growth for this area. And, this future of Industrial Expansion and population development opens up a rare investment chance for those people wise sufficient to get the correct land, within the right spot, at the appropriate value.

These 3 variables - the proper land, in the correct location, at the proper cost, lead you straight to Port Malabar, Florida.


Port Malabar is no dream, no "paper" strategy of a thing that may or may well not come about. Here is usually a ready-now community of fine residences, paved streets, green lawns, and also the facilities to create life easy and enjoyable . . . the facilities that encourage development.

There's a spacious air conditioned yacht club - a community center and recreation area having a full-time director - tennis, shuffleboard, horse- shoe pitching - 1 church being built and others planned - and also the kind of swimming, fishing and boating that may delight you.

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